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  • A date with your updates

    5 August at 08:28 from atlas

    If you are connected to the internet (which just
    about everyone is) you would have noticed different
    programs requesting updates to be downloaded,
    these updates appear as boxes or balloons
    popping up on your screen. Some updates happen
    automatically and some will ask you to install them.
    Below are list of commonly seen updates on your
    computer and their benefits.
    Adobe ® Flash Player: This add-on helps with
    viewing video content in your web browser. Sites like
    YouTube and Facebook use Flash Player. Updating
    Flash Player will improve security and speed
    performance when viewing websites with videos.
    Adobe ® Acrobat Reader: This is a useful and
    common program. It is used to view documents
    which are downloaded online or attached to emails.
    Updating this is recommended, as it allows you to
    open newer Acrobat files.
    Java ™ : This is another add-on for your web
    browser. Recently Java had a major security flaw
    which may have potentially allowed hackers in to
    your computer. Java released an update which fixed
    this. Therefore I would recommend their updates.
    Windows ®Updates: This covers a large group of
    fixes and improvements for your computers
    operating system. We recommend doing these
    updates. Most of these updates are large in size and
    require you to restart your computer. These
    updates can be installed manually or scheduled
    Antivirus Updates: Often called virus definitions,
    your virus programme looks to these to take
    notice of any new viral threats. These are highly
    recommended updates, as an antivirus is only as
    good as it updates. These are normally automatic.
    When a software company releases updates they
    are normally harmless and actually improve your
    computers performance and security. On rare
    occasions updates can cause your computer trouble.
    If this happens, see a tech in store today to get it