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  • Backup your files

    1 July at 06:28 from atlas

    Do I need to backup?

    Stop and think what files are stored on your computer, now ask yourself are they important to you?

    If you answered YES to that question you need to be thinking about backing up your data.  All too often we see people losing important photos, documents and emails when it could be prevented.

    All it takes to do a backup is a storage device like a portable hard drive, some backup software and a little know how.

    Most modern computers have the software already installed. For example "Backup and Restore" in Windows® 7 (found in the control panel) can be used easily to back up your computers important files. If you don't have any backup software installed on your computer visit for access to free backup software. (in the Links section on the left)

    In my opinion backing up in "The Cloud" is the best option.  It's a paid subscription service which copies your important files to a remote server over the internet, this means you don't have to remember to do the backup and you files are saved off site. (which would have come in handy for businesses effected by the Christchurch earthquakes)

    TIP:  I recommend to disconnect your backup device from your computer when it's not in use and store it safely away. Protecting your data from potential theft, electrical surge or fire.

    Home IT Solutions has all these backup options covered, come in store and talk to a technician for more advice on the right backup option for you.