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  • Beware the scammers are looming.

    20 July at 07:03 from atlas

    Imagine this, the phone rings at night and you are greeted by a foreign voice saying… "Good eveningsir/madam, I am from Microsoft ®; I am ringing you to let you know that your computer is full of viruses and is spreading the infection to others. We must fix this now!" Then the caller gets you to turn on your computer and coaches you to download some software to prove this. This is just one of the examples of phone calls happening in an area near you. Their goal is clear, using fear tactics they want to access your computer to sell you security software/services when you don't actually need them. They are cruelly targeting the elderly and vulnerable getting your phone number from contact databases they have acquired. Here are some tips for you so you can greet these scammers correctly,

    1. Microsoft and other large IT company's rarely contact you via phone, so ignore them if they claim to be one of them.
    2. If the scammers say "turn on your computer" just say "I don't have one!"
    3. If they keep ringing you, they are probably trying hard to convince you, just say "I am ringing the police" they normally hang up quickly then.
    4. If you have caller ID and the number comes up that they are locals, don't be fooled as they can relay their calls through national numbers.
    5. Say that you have a local technician who looks after all your computer needs and no one else is allowed touch your computer.

    If this has happened to you and the scammers have successfully logged into your computer etc. We would recommend getting in touch with Home IT Solutions ASAP. Your computer may need to be cleansed of their software also you may need to ring the bank as well and get the credit
    card charges blocked.