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  • Free vs NOD32 Antivirus

    14 August at 06:23 from atlas

    Free vs NOD32 Antivirus
    We often get asked, what's a
    good free anti-virus? Or is your antivirus any good?
    At Home IT Solutions we sell NOD32 and we have
    been doing so confidently for over 9 years. We think
    it is the best form of protection you can get and a lot
    of our customers agree. So what is the difference
    between free antivirus protection and NOD32?
    Less updates: The updates for the free antivirus
    software don't come in as fast or often as NOD32.
    This means that your free protection might not
    be up to date with the latest virus threats that are
    roaming the world.
    Little or no support: With a free protection you
    aren't a paid customer, so you are not funding a
    support centre, meaning if something goes wrong
    with the software there is no one to call.
    Less features: You may get basic level of protection
    with the free alternative, but your free anti-virus
    might not scan websites for adware or your email
    attachments might not get checked. NOD32 covers
    a wide range of methods that viruses can come
    Advertising: As an example AVG or AVAST Free
    protection uses advertising and email marketing
    to get revenue and push you into their purchased
    products. As a free antivirus customer, you have to
    put up with advertising.
    We have seen a lot of free antiviruses out there
    on the internet, the only one that we think is half
    decent would be Microsoft ® Security Essentials
    (MSE). It is a free download from Microsoft's ®
    website. However in many cases when we have
    removed MSE and upgraded to NOD32 there
    has been viruses lurking without being detected
    beforehand, so take any free antivirus software
    with a grain of salt.
    If you want to try NOD32, you can do so with our
    free 30 day trial. Just visit for the
    download and register your trial today.
    (We recommend you remove all current antivirus
    software before you install NOD32)