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  • Keeping Children Safe Online

    16 August at 05:58 from atlas

    Children are often using computers, in fact more so
    now that ever before. Computers are a great tool for
    children to learn on, research and play with.
    As most computers are connected to the internet,
    our children could be exposed to the unknown
    dangers that lurk in the online world. Parents don't
    need to be powerless when it comes to the internet.
    There are steps you can take to protect your family
    especially young eyes from seeing the dark side of
    the internet.
    Last week we talked about the benefits of having
    ESET NOD32 virus protection on your computer.
    The makers of NOD32 have made another product
    called ESET Smart Security. Smart Security builds on
    NOD32's award winning virus protection by adding
    web site filtering services, firewall and anti-theft
    features. When enabled, Smart Security monitors
    and filters your computers internet activity. It is
    completely customisable in what sites you want
    blocked and can give you a report of all the sites you
    and your family have been too.
    Smart Security does a good job on Windows PC's,
    but for families with multiple devices like iPad's and
    Smart Phones you need another form of protection.
    I would recommend getting a great piece of
    blocking technology called Open DNS. Open DNS is
    configured into your broadband modem and allows
    you to block a wide variety of sites across all your
    devices that use the home internet. This proactive
    approach keeps the blocked sites out from roaming
    your home network. There are many options of
    protections available which covers standard family
    filtering to a paid service which gives you full
    customisable powers and internet history reports.
    Open DNS requires a technician to visit onsite to
    setup due to its technical nature.
    If you have any questions on ESET Smart Security or
    Open DNS please don't hesitate to ask a technician
    in store today. Also visit\downloads for a free
    30 day trial of ESET Smart Security.