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  • NEW NOD32 v7 Released

    20 October at 21:30 from atlas

    Exploit Blocker (patent pending)

    The all-new Exploit Blocker protects ESET users from advanced and targeted attacks designed to evade antivirus detection. The blocker targets the most prevalent attack vectors, including web browsers, PDF readers, e-mail clients and Microsoft Office®. It also provides protection against new and undiscovered malware, also known as zero day threats.

    Advanced Memory Scanner

    The Advanced Memory Scanner stops heavily-encrypted threats designed to avoid detection. Advanced Memory Scanner extends the Host-based Intrusion-Prevention System (HIPS) technology which monitors process behavior and performs in-depth, real-time memory scanning. This improves detection of malware and enables effective infection-prevention, even when malware is specifically written to trick the target device's emulator/unpacking capabilities. With improved capabilities to analyze decrypted or "stripped" files directly in memory, the software can effectively prevent new and unknown malware attacks without having to rely on pre-existing profiles.

    Vulnerability Shield

    The Vulnerability Shield acts as an extension of Personal Firewall in ESET Smart Security. It operates on the network level and protects by blocking attacks attempting to exploit network vulnerabilities.

    Social Media Scanner

    There is a noticeable rise in the number of cyber threats on popular social media platforms. Version 7 of ESET NOD32 Antivirus and Smart Security offer improved social media scanning to protect users and their friends. After making more than 11 million Facebook scans of more than seven billion links, videos, pictures, wall posts, messages and other objects, ESET detected more than one million malicious objects for a 4.2 percent detection rate.

    In addition to scanning Facebook profiles for malware, the new social media scanner also extends protection to the user's Twitter account. It monitors and protects the user and their friends' social network accounts from threats, allowing the user to choose from on-demand and automatic scans for malware detection. If any potentially harmful content is identified, it will be flagged by the Social Media Scanner and the user will be notified. The Security Center displays the current privacy level on Facebook and Twitter, with suggestions for changes to improve privacy settings. All these improvements are part of the web interface. By creating an account at, the user can manage the protection of their social media profiles and protect an unlimited number of accounts, including those of friends and family.

    Improved Anti-Theft Tools

    According to a recent Kensington® study, a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds, putting the sensitive, personal information on the device and the owner at risk. With the new ESET Anti-Theft feature, users can designate their laptop as missing and initiate automatic monitoring. Using available Wi-Fi® networks, ESET Anti-Theft displays the location of the missing device on a map available through the interface. Owners can send one-way messages to the laptop in order to increase the chance of successfully retrieving it. In addition, the new Laptop Activity Watch function will take photos via the laptop's built-in camera, as well as capture snapshots of the missing laptop's screen. ESET saves the photos to the new and improved interface.

    Cleaner Module

    ESET Research and Development teams have paid close attention not only to detection, but also to malware cleaning. The Cleaner Module has been improved specifically to address the removal of rootkits and a specialized cleaner has been added to help with the most resistant malware.