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  • Ransomware Trouble?

    21 June at 07:35 from atlas

    Imagine being locked out of your computer,
    being told you have done illegal activities and
    need to pay fine to the NZ Police. Scary!! A lot
    of computers are coming to our workshop with
    a NZ Police warning blocking the use of their
    system. This is called Ransomware.
    What Ransomware does is it holds you and
    your computer to ransom, stating that you have
    downloaded illegal content i.e. music or movies
    and the Police had prevented this computer
    from being used unless you paid $$$ via a
    credit card. (NEVER PAY THIS FEE!) Of course
    this is a hoax virus, its design is to confuse
    and attempt to trick you into paying. This new
    infection is spreading on the internet and is
    finding its way on to many computers. From
    what we understand the infection comes from
    questionable, malicious web sites or emails with
    suspect attachments.
    So what can you do to prevent this from
    happening to you?

    1) Make sure your virus protection is up to date
    and of good quality (i.e. our award winning
    NOD 32 Antivirus)
    2) Install your Windows updates, securing your
    computer from exploited openings.
    3) Keep away from malicious sites.
    I.e. illegal downloading content sites
    4) Always exercise caution with email
    attachments. (If it's too good to be true
    don't open it)

    Our qualified technicians have all the tools and
    knowledge to remove this virus so if you are in a
    bad way come talk to us. For more information
    on ransom-ware and NOD32 Antivirus go to or see a technician in-store.