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  • Servicing Your PC

    12 July at 06:07 from atlas

    So many times we rely on our computers to do
    the jobs that they do. We turn them on and shut
    them down without thinking that something
    could be going wrong. Computers have a funny
    way of telling you they are sick, they tend to crash
    or not turn on rather than show you any obvious
    signs beforehand. Getting your computer serviced
    can show you the early warning signs. It's a
    proactive approach that could potently save your
    data from a complete melt down or protect your
    computer from the next big virus attack.
    Just like your average car, computers have
    components that fail i.e. hard drives, fans and
    motherboards. By getting your computer checked
    over annually by a Home IT Solutions technician
    we can look into the nuts and bolts of your
    computer. Thus making sure your computer is
    functioning the way it should be, potentially
    saving you from a nasty surprise later on. Think of
    it like getting a Warrant of Fitness on your car.
    "Home IT Ten Point Check" covers all the main
    components of your desktop or notebook
    for example...
    1. Testing Hard Drive (looking for potential faults, potentially saving your data)
    2. Testing RAM (if faulty this would cause computer freezes/crashes)
    3. Removing Dust (dust is your computers worst enemy, if fans get blocked your computer can overheat)
    4. Windows updates (improves Windows stability, performance and security)
    5. Plus more....
    For more info on servicing your computer come
    and talk to a technician today. This service can be
    done on site or in our workshop.