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  • Spring Clean

    7 October at 08:26 from atlas

    Spring is in the air, making it a great time to give your computer a spring clean. Just like your average car, computers have components that fail i.e. hard drives, fans and motherboards. By getting your computer checked over annually by a Home IT Solutions technician we can look into the nuts and bolts of your computer. Thus making sure your computer is functioning the way it should be, potentially saving you from a nasty surprise later on. Think of it like getting a Warrant of Fitness on your car. 

    "Home IT Ten Point Check" covers all the main areas of your desktop or notebook

    -          Testing Hard Drive (looking for potential faults, potentially saving your data)

    -          Testing RAM (if faulty this would cause computer freezes/crashes)

    -          Removing Dust (dust is your computers worst enemy, if fans get blocked your computer can overheat)

    -          Major Operating System updates (improving stability, performance and security)

    -          Update Virus databases and Virus scans on your computer (removing any threats)

    -          Testing your computers battery (keeping settings, time and date accurate)

    -          Looking for signs your mainboard is in good shape (finding faults now could prevent crashing later)

    -          Clearing Temp files and Internet files (freeing up space)

    -          Removing unwanted programs (adware and toolbars can slow your system down)

    -          Defragment the hard drive (sorting and organising your hard drive for faster access)

    For more info on servicing your computer come and talk to a technician today. This service can be done onsite or in our workshop. Give your computer the spring clean it deserves.