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  • The Internet Underbelly

    12 October at 08:44 from atlas

    Have you ever been happily surfing the internet and then come across a window or banner that pops up and says "Your computer is running slow, click here to speed it up." The internet can be a confusing place, there are so many things to click on and be tempted by. I mean who wouldn't want to click on an ad that says "You are 5 clicks away from losing 15 pounds around your waist!"   More and more we are seeing advertising online creating a lot of problems for users. Some advertisers create ads that can trick and even deceive the user into thinking an ad is a genuine computer generated message. So what is the harm in clicking these messages?  All it takes is one click on these ads to download a potentially dodgy program on to your computer. Programs like PC Performer and Registry Optimiser are finding their way on to computers, they are programs that claim to speed up your computer but actually end up crashing or slowing down your computer.

    Our favourite antivirus software ESET NOD 32 stops a lot of these unnecessary programs from being installed. But the best method of protection is to ignore the advertising messages in the first place. The old rule of thumb "If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is" is a good rule to surf the internet by. If you think you have installed these programs by accident, going to the control panel and removing them usually does the trick, also a computer service at Home IT Solutions will clean out your system, removing these unwanted software(s).