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  • The Wireless Internet Blues

    26 July at 13:18 from atlas

    Have you got a room in your house that is
    struggling to get the internet? Got a downstairs
    area that you can't get online? What we are
    talking about here is wireless internet. Tablets,
    notebooks and smartphones can all potentially
    connect to wireless internet. Most internet
    providers (Telecom, Slingshot etc.) supply
    you with a wireless modem/router. While
    the coverage from these modems is normally
    enough to cover an average house, all sorts
    of interference and obstacles can weaken the
    wireless signal.
    What can you do about this? Think of your
    wireless modem as a donut, a tasty large house
    sized donut. Wireless signal radiates outwards in
    this fashion. Relocating the wireless modem in
    the middle of the house will give you even signal
    distribution. The problem with this approach is
    that not everyone has a phone jack or power
    point in the middle of their house.
    Fear not, there are other options. Wireless range
    extenders can fix this problem. We have been
    setting up quite a few of these; they look like
    another modem and just require a power point.
    They are installed near the weak signal spot in
    your house and work like a repeater, magnifying
    the weak signal it finds and boosting it to 100%.
    Don't have landline broadband but have cellular
    broadband? We can help you share the internet
    from a 3G-Stick (Telecom, Vodafone or 2degrees).
    Using a "3G Sharing Router", we can share your
    3G-Stick to all your tablets/notebooks making
    wireless internet more available in your home.
    So if you have trouble getting wireless in an area
    in your home or like the idea of sharing data from
    a 3G-stick Home IT Solutions can visit you onsite
    and provide a solution that works for you. Just
    give us a ring or discuss this with a technician.