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  • Upgrade Your Computer

    6 July at 07:20 from atlas

    Upgrading your computer.
    Upgrading a computer is a large topic so we will split it into Operating System (OS) Upgrading and Hardware Upgrading. With OS upgrades we are talking about software like Microsoft ® Windows XP, Vista, 7 and now 8. For example you might be running Windows Vista and could upgrade to Windows 7. Below are some of the benefits of upgrading to a newer version.
    1. New features not available or found in previous versions.
    2. Often, the new version of an OS will have better stability and increased performance.
    3. After so long, an older OS will be discontinued and often no longer supported i.e Windows XP will be discontinued April 8 2014
    Hardware upgrades often involve removing an old hardware device and replacing it with a new hardware device. For example, increasing RAM in a computer, upgrading a new Hard Drive or installing a new Graphics Card. Below are some benefits from hardware upgrades.
    RAM Upgrade: Increases the memory in a computer, more RAM allows a computer to avoid the shuffling files from hard drive to RAM making your computer appear faster
    Hard Drive Upgrade: Increases the capacity of your computer, (how much you can store in it) however the new technology SSD (Solid State Drive) can offer speed benefits of up to 10 times when compared to standard hard drives.
    Mainboard Kit Upgrade: Likened to putting a new faster engine into your computer, this can only be done in desktops and towers but not laptops. It's almost like getting a new computer for a fraction of the price. You get a new Mainboard (Circuit board), CPU (Processor) and RAM (Memory).
    Of course every computer is different and every user has different needs, so talk to a technician about your scenario to see what's best for you.