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  • Virus Alert!!!

    25 October at 09:19 from atlas

    We have discovered a new virus that is encrypting user files, this means that if you get infected with this new virus you may lose all your files in your docs/pictures etc.  They only way to get them back is to restore from backup.

    ESET NOD32 does block the threat, however new versions of the threat are being created daily. We recommend you update your virus protection definitions to keep on top of this nasty virus.

    Below is some info on the threat and what you can do to prevent this from happening to you.

    "The threat is called Cryptolocker, and usually arrives as an email with a zip attachment. Opening the attachment will infect the computer, which will then start encrypting data files on that computer and any server shares that the user has access to. Once the encryption process is complete, a message will be displayed to tell the user that files have been encrypted, and they need to pay a ransom to get the files decrypted. 

    On the surface this is similar to several threats that have been around for a while, but unlike previous threats there appears to be no way to decrypt files other than paying the ransom. The normal method of dealing with this threat is to wipe & re-install the infected computer, and restore any encrypted files from backups. Obviously this will only work if your backups have been working, so it is important that you are checking this on a regular basis.

    As always, the best method of fixing this is to not get infected in the first place. This means that every user needs to be aware that not every email attachment is real, and there will be times when your anti-virus software doesn't detect certain infections."

    David Darwall

    Home IT Solutions


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