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  • What's Slowing Me Down?

    15 November at 09:41 from atlas

    We all have fond distant memories of when we first turn on our new computers, they were so fast and responsive that you almost wanted to ring up the neighbours and tell them how fast it is! Then some time down the track you go and turn on that same computer, it seems so slow and unresponsive, giving you plenty of time to boil the jug for a cup of tea moment.

    Below are some of the reasons why a computer can become slow.

    Slow Broadband/Internet: This can make your computer seem slow, the computer may be fine, but if your internet isn't going fast, it can make the computer seem unresponsive.

    Antivirus:  Antivirus programs are constantly scanning and filtering files and can slow down your computer to a halt. Tip: Make sure you only have one Antivirus program installed.

    Hard Drive Trouble: Your hard drive may be on its way out. The hard drive is the thing that stores your files and can get bad sectors making it very hard and slow to read and write data.

    RAM Low: When your computer runs low on memory (RAM), it can become very slow.
    Tip: Upgrading RAM is easy and normally cost effective.

    Viruses, Spyware, Malware and Bloatware: These are classed as unwanted software(s) that loads up when you turn on your computer, they can use up all your computers resources and slow you down.

    Faulty Hardware: When plugging in a faulty USB device into a computer it can crash or make your computer unresponsive.

    These are just a  few of the reasons why a computer can become slow, if your computer has the speed wobbles, feel free to ring us or pop in and we can sort it out ASAP.