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  • Windows 8.1 Released

    19 October at 09:17 from atlas

    If you are already running Windows 8 then it's a no brainer, you will want the Windows 8.1 upgrade. Freshly released (October 17th) Windows 8.1 builds on Windows 8's features giving much wanted changes to the system. It will be a free upgrade for those who already have Windows 8 and can be downloaded through the Windows Store. Windows 8.1 will also be available to purchase for those wanting to upgrade their Windows XP/Vista/7 computers.


    So what can we expect to see with Windows 8.1?

    Boot to Desktop: This means when you turn on your computer, you will be able to go straight to your icons and not the newly tiled start menu.

    The Start Button: Its back, the start button was sorely missed when Windows 8 was released, bringing it back on the bottom left hand corner makes us all feel happy again.

    Resizing Windows: You can now multitask with more apps and programs, dragging windows and resizing them to whatever size you want.

    Updated Windows Store: Your apps can automatically update plus a new style and layout for downloading and purchasing apps.

    Greater Personalisation: With 8.1 you can choose your own backgrounds for the start menu and resize and move tiles to your liking.

    Plus many more improvements and features.

    I think this update, while major in nature, doesn't address all the issues with Windows 8, but it's a step in the right direction for Windows 8.

    If you need assistance installing this update or you want to buy Windows 8.1 upgrade please pop in and talk to a tech about your options.