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  • Winter Weather, Power Cuts and Surges

    14 June at 08:33 from atlas

    Winter Weather, Power Cuts and Surges

    As winter bears down, weather forecasts tend to
    turn towards wind, rain and lightning. Computers
    are very sensitive to any disruptions on the power
    grid. If a power surge or spike is high enough, it
    can inflict some heavy damage to your computer
    or laptop. The effect is very similar to applying
    too much water pressure to a hose. If there is
    too much water pressure, a hose will burst. Even
    if increased voltage doesn't immediately break
    your computer, it may put extra strain on the
    components, wearing them down over time.
    Most manufactures will not honour warranty
    claims on computers if a surge or electrical spikes
    have taken place.
    Surge Protection - These come in the form of a
    power board with anything from 1 to 8 power
    outlets. A surge protector has technology
    inbuilt that is able to suppress a spike in the
    power, smoothing out the power, protecting
    your computer from spikes or surges. In the
    event of lightning striking your power lines, a
    surge protector can blow up still protecting your
    Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) - Looking
    like a small computer box, they have a
    rechargeable battery inbuilt which keeps your
    computer up and running in the event of a power
    cut, giving you the benefit of saving files and
    shutting down your computer safely. They also
    filter the power if any nasty surges strike. The
    battery does need to be replaced over time as it
    loses its charge.
    Home IT Solutions has a wide range of Power
    Protection options, talk to a technician today.

    David Darwall